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D Bulletin - September 2017
Disnat GPS

Exxon Mobil (XOM, U$80.55)

Steve Deschesnes
Disnat GPS Portfolio Strategist
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Economic Commentary
Desjardins Economic Studies

Will Inflation Eventually Pick Up in Canada?

Benoit P. Durocher
Senior Economist
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Entry in bear market territory for U.S. stocks : fears are overblown

The beginning of the year has been a particularly turbulent time for financial markets, with the Japanese and European stock markets recently moving into …
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A Recession in Canada? What Are the Market Implications?

After falling 0.6% in the first quarter, Canadian real GDP may have suffered a second contraction in the spring. This implies a technical recession, defined …
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About the author

Jimmy Jean is a Senior Economist in the Desjardins Economic Studies Group and Fixed Income Economist at Desjardins Securities. Jimmy is responsible for macroeconomic and financial research, advising institutional clients and traders on a variety of issues including macroeconomic developments, monetary and fiscal policy and interest rate outlook. He holds a Master of Applied Economics at HEC Montreal.

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