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How to Read an Options Table

Column 1: Strike Price -
This is the stated price per share for which an underlying stock may be purchased (for a call) or sold (for a put) upon the exercise of the option contract. Option strike prices typically move by increments of $2.50 or $5.00 (even though in the above example it moves in $2 increments).
Column 2: Expiry Date -
This shows the termination date of an option contract. Remember that
options listed in North America expire on the third Friday of the expiry month.
Column 3: Call or Put -
This column refers to whether the option is a call (C) or put (P).
Column 4: Volume -
This indicates the total number of options contracts traded for the day. The total volume of all contracts is listed at the bottom of each table.
Column 5: Bid -
This indicates the highest price someone is willing to pay for the contract.
Column 6: Ask -
This indicates the lowest price at which someone is willing to sell a contract.
Column 7: Open Interest -
Open interest is the number of options contracts that are open. These are contracts that have not expired nor been exercised.