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Accessibility for persons with disabilities is a priority!

Accessibility is very important to us

Desjardins Securities Inc. is committed to making sure our products and services are accessible to persons with disabilities.

As a result, we have undertaken a number of initiatives to reduce obstacles that might prevent people with disabilities from being able to benefit from our services:

  • Robust accessibility policies and practices that all employees are familiar with.
  • Special training for employees who provide goods and services to persons with a disability.

Refer to the pamphlet containing NOTE - This link will open in a new tab.information about these policies and procedures and the NOTE - This link will open in a new tab. 2013-2018 Multi-Year Accessibility Plan for more details.

Accessible formats and communication support is available upon request.

Feedback Process

As a client of Desjardins Securities Inc., you can also play a key role when it comes to helping us to make our products and services more accessible and helping us better meet your needs and serve you better. Simply send us your questions or comments.

By email : conformite@vmd.desjardins.com
By phone : 1 877 985-1883
By mail :
Compliance Department
Desjardins Securities
1170 Rue Peel, Suite 300
Montreal, Quebec H3B 0A9