Disnat Classic

For investors who want a high-performance platform that’s easy to use.

A trading platform that makes it easy to find the right information and navigate the markets

Disnat Classic is our most popular platform. You’ll have quick and easy access to accounts, trades, analysis and reports so you can trade a wide range of investment products in real time.

Allows you to trade stocks, options, bonds, mutual funds and new issues

Adaptive screens for any device

Accessible online, on your mobile device or by telephone

User-friendly trading buttons

See for yourself!

Any screen size

  • Adaptative display available on all types of devices
  • Disnat mobile app

Checking your accounts made easy

  1. Get an overview of all your accounts on a single screen
  2. See your total assets
  3. Navigate easily with "+" buttons

Intuitively designed trading screen

  1. Improved layout and easy-to-read quotes
  2. Limit orders valid for up to 60 days
  3. Extended trading hours

Market news

  1. See your last 10 quotes
  2. Access charts in a new window
  3. Compare your securities with others in the industry
  4. Draw on your charts

Market news

  • Read the latest about all your securities and watchlist items
Item of

Operations and app

  • Online transactions

    Trade in real time wherever you are, from your computer, tablet or smart phone. With the Disnat Classic platform, it's easy, fast and flexible!

  • Mobile App

    The Disnat application with fast fingerprint identification. Download the app and make trades from anywhere.

Minimum system requirements

Operating System

Microsoft® Windows® 10 or greater.


  • Microsoft Edge: latest version
  • Mozilla Firefox: latest version.
  • Google Chrome: latest version.
  • Apple Safari: latest version

If your browser does not meet the requirements specified above, please download the latest version from the provider of your choice: