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Investment Types

Canadian and U.S. Equities

Any stocks, preferred shares, ETFs, trust units, ADRs, warrants, rights, etc. available on North American* exchanges.


North American equity and index options.

New Issues

Initial public offerings (IPOs) and secondary offerings, including common stocks, preferred stocks, income trusts, fixed income products and equity-linked notes.

See a list of available new issues at our IPO Center and subscribe to our new issues mailing list for instant notification of new deals by email.

Mutual Funds

Desjardins Online Brokerage has over 3,000 Canadian mutual funds to choose from, commission free! Minimum initial and subsequent purchases are $1,000, unless otherwise specified by the fund family.

Save on management fees with D-Class funds, now available on our trading platforms.

By making your own investment decisions, you’ll get the same benefits as investing in A-Class mutual funds without having to pay any commissions. That means getting more value for your money!

Benefits of D-Class funds

  • Get a higher investment return with lower management fees
  • Benefit from professional investment management
  • Buy and sell D-Class funds commission-freefootnote 1
  • Invest from as little as $1,000 per fund, per account
  • Diversify your portfolio and minimize risk by choosing from more than 500 funds across a range of asset classes
11 fund families available
Fund families Symbol
Desjardins Funds DJT
Invesco Canada AIM
Blackrock BLK
Beutel Goodman BTG
Bank of Montreal GGF
BMG Management Services Inc. BMG
Manulife Investments MMF
Mackenzie Investments MFC
Purpose Investments PFC
RBC Global Asset Management RBF
TD Asset Management TDB
Mutual funds available at Desjardins Online Brokerage: Symbol(s) Phone Internet
Aegon Fund Managment AFM * *
AGF Management Ltd./ Acuity Funds AGF
Arrow Capital Management (Exemplar Funds ) AHP
Aston Hill Asset Management AHF
B.E.S.T. Discoveries Fund UAL
Beutel Goodman Managed Funds BTG
Blumont Capital Corporation HIR
BMG Management Services Inc. BMG
BMO Guardian Funds GGF
Brandes Investment Partners BIP
Brompton Funds Limited CAM  
Caldwell Invst Mgt Ltd. CWF
Capital International Funds CIF
Chou Associates Management CHO  
CI / BPI / Covington / Harbour / Signature / Synergy / Castle rock / Black creek CIG
CIBC Asset Management Inc. (Axiom / Renaissance Funds) ATL
CIBC Securities Inc. CIB
Cote 100 COT  
Desjardins Funds DJT
Dimensional Fund Advisors Canada Inc. DFA *  
Dynamic / Marquis / Edge / Power / Aurion DYN
EdgePoint Wealth Management Ltd. EDG
EnerVest Mgt Inc. ENV
Equitable Bank EQB
Excel Funds Mgt EXL
Faircourt Asset Management Inc. FCF
Ferique Funds FER  
Fidelity Investment Canada Inc. FID
Fiera Capital Corp./ Sceptre FIE/SIC
First Trust Portfolios FTC
Front Street Capital Inc. FSC
GBC Asset Management GBC  
Home Trust Company HOM
HSBC Investment Funds HKB
IA Clarington Investments Inc. / R Group of Funds CCM
Invesco Trimark Ltd. (AIM Funds) AIM
Investors Group IGI *  
Landry Morin LDM  
Legg Mason LMC * *
Mackenzie / Cundill /Focus/ Ivy / Keystone / Maxxum / Saxon/ Sentinel / Star / Symmetry / Universal MFC
Manulife Asset Management Limited MMF
Manulife Investments MIP
Matrix Asset Management MAV
Mawer Investment Management MAW
MD Management MDM *  
Meritas Financial Inc. SRI
Middlefield Group MID
Natcan Investment Management Inc. (REA funds) FIA *  
National Bank Securities Inc. (Altamira / National Bank / Omega/ Jarislowski / Meritage ) NBC
NexGen Financial Limited Partnership NXG
Ninepoint Partners LP NPP
Norrep Fund NRP * *
NorthWest & Ethical Investments L.P. NWT
O’Leary Funds Managment LP OLF
Palos Managment Inc. PAL
Pimco Canada Funds PIM
Portland Investment Counsel Inc PTL
Primevest Capital Corp. ALC  
Professionnel du Québec FPQ *  
Pro-Financial Asset Mgt Inc. PRO * *
RBC Funds / Bluebay / Phillips Hager & North (SR-D) RBF
Redwood Asset Management RAM * *
Resolute Growth Fund RES *  
Russell Investments Canada Limited FRC * *
Scotia Securities BNS
Sentry Select Capital Corp NCE
Standard Life Mutual Funds SLM
Stone Fund SCL * *
Sun Life Global Investment / McLean Budden Ltd. SUN
TD Mutual Funds TDB
TDK Fund Management Inc. (First Asset Funds) TDK
Templeton / Bissett / Franklin / Mutual Beacon TML
Tradex Management Inc. TMI *  


Buying or selling a fund:
Desjardins Online Brokerage charges a commission of $32 (Internet trade) or $45 (representative-assisted trade) in these situations :

  • Funds held less than 90 calendar days. Fund companies may charge a "short-term trading" fee.
  • Funds transferred from another institution and held for less than 90 calendar days.
  • The following funds are charged commissions for purchases, sales and switches, and have non-standard minimum purchase amounts: Cote 100, Férique, Tradex and Majestic Asset Management. This list may change without notice.
  • The following funds charge commissions for sell orders and are not offered for purchases and switches: Investors, GBC Funds, FMOQ, MD Management, Professionnel du Québec, Stone.
  • The following funds charge commissions for sell orders only: Jarislowski Fraser Funds “Series E” and Mawer Investments MGT.

Switches within the same fund family:

  • 12 free annual switches for all accounts.
  • Subsequent switches are subject to commissions of $32 online or $45 through a representative.
  • The fund company may charge short-term trading fees if you switch funds within 90 days of purchase.
  • Short-term trading fees will not be charged by Desjardins Online Brokerage if you switch units within 90 days of purchase.

Some funds can charges different fees.

Other Fees

Some mutual funds carry a deferred sales charge (DSC) :

These fees are charged by the fund company when you sell your funds. The charge decreases over time so the longer you hold the fund, the smaller the fee, until it is completely eliminated after 6 or 7 years, depending on the fund.

The deferred sales charge may be based on the value of the fund at the time of purchase. Below is an example of this type of DSC:

Sale within the first two years: 5.5% of the value at time of purchase
Sale during the third year: 5.0% of the value at time of purchase
Sale during the fourth year: 4.5% of the value at time of purchase
Sale during the fifth year: 4.0% of the value at time of purchase
Sale during the sixth year: 3.0% of the value at time of purchase
Sale during the seventh year: 1.5% of the value at time of purchase
Subsequent sale No fees

The deferred sales charge may also be based on the fund value at the time of sale. Below is an example of this type of DSC:

Sale during the first year: 3.0% of the value at time of sale
Sale during the second year: 2.5% of the value at time of sale
Sale during the third year: 2.0% of the value at time of sale
Subsequent sale No fees

All mutual funds include management fees represented by the management expense ratio ("MER"). The MER is expressed as an annualized percentage of a fund's average net assets.

We invite you to review the Fund Facts document or simplified prospectus for more information on the costs associated with buying, selling and holding mutual fund units.


Desjardins Online Brokerage may receive a trailing commission which represents a fee in respect of the ownership of mutual funds units. It is established according to the type of fund and generally varies between 0.25% and 1.5% of the assets held.

Bonds & Other Fixed Income Instruments

Looking for the security and diversification bonds can provide? Desjardins Online Brokerage has a broad range of securities to choose from (minimum purchase: $5,000 face value). Choose from interest-bearing or zero-coupon (strip) bonds. We offer issues from Canada and Crown corporations, provinces and provincial corporations, municipalities, public institutions, Canadian and U.S. corporations, international corporations and Canadian foreign subsidiaries.

Treasury Bills & Money Market Products

Choose from Treasury bills (Canada, Quebec and U.S.), bankers' acceptances (BAs), bearer deposit notes (BDNs) and commercial paper.

Minimum purchase: $10,000 face value

  1. Desjardins Online Brokerage charges a commission of $32 (Internet trade) or $45 (representative-assisted trade) if you redeem your units before the 90 calendar days following the date of purchase.