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Where to find the data

If you haven't gone through our tutorial on the basics of fundamental analysis and the financial statements then you probably want to take 5 minutes and read it over.

To do ratio analysis the first step is to find the data. For the 19 ratios we will be taking you through we are using a fictitious company, Cory's Tequila Co. All the data for these examples will be provided, but when you decide to do this on your own there are several different areas that you can find the latest financial figures for a particular company. Finding financial reports and ratios is easier than ever: If you have a DisnatClassic account, log in to your account and click "Marketplace", "Research & Analytics". If you have a DisnatDirect account, log in to DDweb and select "Fundamentals" fom the "Market Data" menu.

There are also several sources on the Internet, such as:

These are by no means the only places to find the financial statements, there are countless free and pay sites out there offering similar features. Now let's move onto the meat of this tutorial, the ratios...