All trading basics

Eligible Investments

The following investments are allowed in an RRSP:

  • Bonds
  • Strip Coupons
  • Treasury Bills
  • Term Deposits and Commercial Paper
  • Stocks
  • Call and Put Options
  • Mutual Funds

The following investments are not eligible for RRSPs:

  • Employee options to purchase stock
  • Gold, Silver and other precious metals
  • Commodity Futures or Contracts
  • Listed personal property such as works of art and antiques
  • Gems and other precious stones
  • Land
  • Bonds where the issuer is a wholly-owned subsidiary and the shares of its parent are not listed on a Canadian stock exchange
  • Mortgages on commercial properties which you or a family member own
  • Small business investments
  • Uncovered Call or Put options
  • Bonds or Debentures of a company whose shares are listed only on a prescribed foreign stock exchange even though the company's shares may be qualified