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All Disnat Classic and Disnat Direct forms and information documents are sorted in numerical order. You can search by keywords or enter the form number in the "Search" field.

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Code Ttile File type
D201 Account application form and Agreements PDF
D201E Account application form and Agreements - Legal entities PDF
D204 Power of attorney PDF
D207 Joint account agreement PDF
D208 Non-Registered Account Transfer Autorization PDF
D208A Non-Registered Account Transfer Instructions Schedule: List of additional securities PDF
D211A In-Trust Account for a minor PDF
D211B Account in the name of a minor PDF
D212 Registered plan transfer-in authorization PDF
D212A Registered plan transfer-in instruction PDF
VD113 Receipt of securities PDF
D233 “Online brokerage solution” flyer PDF
D236 Investment club account agreement PDF
D237 Society account agreement PDF
D239 Excerpt of a Resolution PDF
D242 Direct Deposit Authorization PDF
D252 Registration for automatic withdrawal PDF
D262 Information Regarding Entities PDF
D281 Payment instructions for a RRIF or LIF Accounts Excel
D282 RRSP plan withdrawal Excel
D2022 Correction of Book Value of a Security PDF
VD2039 Authorization to remove a security PDF
D2044 Safekeeping agreement for physical stock certificates registered in the client's name PDF
D2052 Verification of Identity of a Person Authorized to Trade PDF
VD115 Tranfert request (between Desjardins Credit Unions) PDF
VD217 Self-directed retirement savings plan PDF
VD217A Self-directed fixed term annuity retirement savings plan PDF
VD217FED Federal Locked-in Retirement account - Addendum PDF
VD217QC Quebec Locked-in Retirement account - Addendum PDF
VD217AB Alberta Locked-In Retirement account - Addendum PDF
VD217BC British Columbia Locked-in Retirement account - Addendum PDF
VD217NS Nova-Scotia Locked-in Retirement account- Addendum PDF
VD217MB Manitoba Locked-in Retirement account- Addendum PDF
VD217FEDR Federal Restricted Locked-in Retirement account - Addendum PDF
VD217ONT Ontario Locked-in Retirement account- Addendum PDF
VD217NB New Brunswick Locked-in Retirement account- Addendum PDF
VD224 Treaty statement and limitation on benefits certification PDF
VD227 Monthly Mutual Fund Plan Application Form PDF
VD238 Undertaking by the Sole Shareholder of a Corporation PDF
VD243 Unlimited Continuous Reciprocal Guarantee PDF
VD250 Application Form, RESP Individual Plan PDF
VD250F Application Form, RESP Family Plan PDF
VD251 Consent to communication of personal information - Person with disabilities accompanied by a support person PDF
VD255 Self-directed retirement income fund PDF
VD255FED Federal Life Income Fund - Addendum PDF
VD255FEDR Federal Restricted Life Income Fund - Addendum PDF
VD280 Regulation concerning communication with beneficial owners of securities of a reporting issuer PDF
VD255QC Addendum - Quebec LIF PDF
VD255MB Manitoba Life Income Fund - Addendum PDF
VD255AB Alberta Life Income Fund - Addendum PDF
VD255NS Nova-Scotia Life Income Fund - Addendum PDF
VD260 Request for payment of benefits to the beneficiary PDF
VD271A Instructions for Form W-8BEN PDF
VD172A Instructions to form W8IMY PDF
AB Form 10 LIF Alberta : AB form 10 - Addendum PDF
VD255BC British Columbia Life Income Fund - Addendum PDF
VD255ONTN Ontario Life Income Fund- Addendum PDF
VD255NB New Brunswick Life Income Fund- Addendum PDF
VD263 Off-market operation for profit without change of economic ownership PDF
VD264 Free securities transfer between Desjardins Securities accounts PDF
VD270 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification PDF
VD271 Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner (W-8BEN) PDF
VD272 Certificate of Foreign Intermediary, Foreign Flow-Through Entity, or Certain U.S. Branches for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting PDF
VD273 Certificate of Foreign Government or Other Foreign Organization (W-8EXP) PDF
VD274 Certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner (W-8BEN-E) PDF
VD274A Instructions for Form W-8BEN-E PDF
VD275 Withholding Statement PDF
VD295 Declaration of heredity PDF
VD2001 Declaration of Transmission - for Quebec PDF
VD2002 Declaration of transmission - for Ontario PDF
VD2011 Declaration of the member or purchaser (Order in Concil 1681-97 - Schedule 0.2) PDF
VD2012 Schedule 0.4 (SS. 19.1 and 20.4) - Declaration of the purchaser PDF
VD2013 Schedule 0.5 (O.C. 1681-97 and 577-98) - Declaration of the purchaser PDF
VD2014 Schedule 0.8 (S. 20.4) - Declaration of the purchaser PDF
VD2015 Schedule 0.9 (S. 22.2) - Declaration of the purchaser when transferring sums to a life income fund PDF
VD2016 Schedule 0.9.1 (O.C. 577-98 and 173-2002) - Declaration of the purchaser when transferring sums to a life income fund PDF
VD2017 Purchaser commitment (temporary income request) PDF
VD2018 Request for change of beneficiary PDF
VD2019 Request for withdrawal of RESP contributions PDF
VD2020 Request for Educational Assistance Payments (EAP) PDF
VD2021 Request for Accumulated Income Payments (AIP) PDF
VD2024 FIXED-TERM ANNUITY RSP - Notice of change to designated beneficiary or beneficiaries PDF
VD2033 Irrevocable stock transfer - Power of attorney PDF
VD2035 Irrevocable Bond Transfer - Power of Attorney PDF
VD2040 Consent prior to the transmission of personal information PDF
VD2041 Subscriber disclaimer - Hedge Funds PDF
VD2042 Estate - Indemnity Agreement PDF
VD2043 Excerpt of a Resolution Transfers of Cash and Securities PDF
VD2050 Politically Exposed Person (PEP) and Head of International Organizations (HIO) PDF
VD2051 Third Party Determination PDF
VD2053 (form 1) - Attestation regarding withdrawal based on financial hardship PDF
VD2054 (form 2) - Attestation(s) regarding spouse or common-law partner PDF
VD2055 (form 3) - Attestation of total amount held in federally regulated locked-in plans PDF
VD2056 Transfer from TFSA to another TFSA on breakdown of mariage or common-law partnership PDF
VD2058 TFSA Application Form PDF
VD2061 Registered Plan: Beneficiary Designation (do not use for Quebec residents) - See the user guide PDF
VD2069 Notice of participation in a hedge fund PDF
SDE0093E Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) and Canada Learning Bond (CLB) PDF
SDE0093E-A Annex A – Additional Beneficiaries PDF
SDE0093E-B Annex B – Primary caregiver or their spouse and/or custodial parent/legal guardian PDF
SDE0088en RESP Transfer - Subscriber Information PDF
SDE0089en RESP Transfer - Beneficiary Transfer Information PDF
SDE0090en RESP transfer form – Account/Beneficiary Transfer Information PDF
TP1029.8.IQ Transfer of Quebec Education Savings Incentive PDF
CARRA Authorization to provide information PDF
T2151E Transfer from employer (DPSP/RPP) PDF
T2030-E Direct transfert under subparagraph 60 (l)(v) form PDF
VD170A Instructions for Form W9 PDF
VD273A Instructions for Form W-8EXP PDF
NR301-E Declaration of eligibility for benefits under a tax treaty for a non-resident taxpayer PDF
T1036-E Request to Withdraw Funds from an RRSP PDF
T3012A-E Tax Deduction Waiver on the Refund of your Unused PDF
D222S Risk Disclosure Statement (for Futures and Options) PDF
CIPF Brochure Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) PDF
E06 Declaration of tax residence for indivuduals PDF
FTQ FTQ - Authorization to transmit personal information PDF