Conditional Orders

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The Trading menu allows you to place orders on stocks and options as well as conditional orders. It gives you a complete view of all your assets held at Desjardins Online Brokerage as well as all the assets of the accounts linked to your user ID. The Trading menu also allows you to view your current orders and details of executed orders.

Click on New Conditional Order to place one or more conditional orders.

Trade Triggers Order

The principle of this function is simple: you place a primary order that will trigger one secondary order. When the primary order is fully executed your secondary order will be triggered.


You want to buy 100 shares of AAPL at $105.00 and when you buy, you would like to send a virtual stop order to protect your investment against too great a loss. The Trade Triggers Order ticket allows you to enable a virtual stop sell order immediately after the shares are purchased. Here's how to place the orders: In the Primary Order section, place an order to buy 100 shares of AAPL with a limit price of $105. Select how long the order will be valid. Then, in the Secondary Order section, place a virtual stop-loss order for 100 AAPL shares. In this example, we'll put a variation of $8.00 and a duration of 30 days, to limit any loss to $800.

Trade Cancels Order

All orders submitted through this feature will be active in the market but as soon as one of these orders is executed in full, the other will be canceled.