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Investment Methods

Many taxpayers wait until the end of the contribution period before investing in their RRSP. There are, however, many ways to invest.

Regular Instalment RRSP
allows you to contribute throughout the year on a weekly or monthly basis;
Group RRSP
allows you to contribute gradually by way of salary deductions.

Regular Instalment RRSP

You don't have to wait until the end of contribution period to invest in your RRSP. Avoid the February rush! Contribute throughout the year, by regular instalments withdrawn directly from your account.

This way, you will benefit from a longer, tax-free capitalization period. And since your contribution is part of your budget, it's no longer a burden at the end of the year.

Group RRSP

A group RRSP is a regular deposit savings plan that allows employees of a company to build capital for retirement though regular salary deductions. This savings method requires your employer be registered.


  • You determine the amount and choose the type of investment that's best suited for you, such as term savings or mutual funds.
  • It allows you to obtain tax savings immediately since your contributions are deducted from your taxable income right away.