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American Aires Inc

Company Description

American Aires Inc. is currently engaged in the business of production, distribution and sales of devices intended to protect persons from the harmful effects of electromagnetic emissions that are emitted by modern electronic devices.

Address: 400 Applewood Crescent, Suite 100
Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 0C3
Phone Number: 647 404 4416
Fax Number:
Industry: Specialty Industries
Closing Date:
1st Day of Trading:
Primary Symbol:


The net proceeds will be used to pay for the offering commissions, other offering costs, consulting Fees, research and development costs, marketing costs, patent costs and general and administrative expenses

Gross Proceeds: $7,560,000.00
Underwrting Fees: $604,800.00
Expense Offering: $591,200.00
Net Proceeds: $6,364,000.00
Lead Underwriter: Canaccord Genuity Corp.
Other Underwriter(s):