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Discover the full line of Desjardins ETFs

Robust, innovative solutions that give excellent value for money

Desjardins offers you a family of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in 3 categories:

  • Responsible investment
  • Equity
  • Fixed income

All independent investors now have access to the Desjardins ETFs since they’re available for trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Desjardins offers you a range of 8 RI ETFs that specifically address climate change. These ETFs build their portfolios using a rigorous selection process that chooses companies with practices that emphasize social responsibility and respect for the environment.

Desjardins RI ETFs – Low CO2

These ETFs offer you portfolios with carbon intensity that are intended to be 25% lower than their corresponding market indexes, by excluding securities from the companies in each sector with the highest carbon intensity. This target is in line with the commitments made by Desjardins to combat climate change.

A Desjardins RI Global Multifactor ETF – Fossil Fuel Reserves Free

This ETF offers you the rare opportunity to invest with no exposure to the traditional energy sector (coal, gas, oil).

  • It excludes all companies in the fossil fuel industry.
  • It uses a filter to screen out any businesses that hold fossil fuel reserves.
  • It aims to mitigate the risks of transitioning to alternative energy sources.

If you want to combine attractive returns and environmental protection, this is the fund for you. It will be released soon.

Responsible Investment (RI) ETFs Ticker
Desjardins RI Active Canadian Bond – Low CO2 ETF DRCU
Desjardins RI Canada – Low CO2 Index ETF DRMC
Desjardins RI USA – Low CO2 Index ETF DRMU
Desjardins RI Canada Multifactor – Low CO2 Index ETF DRFC
Desjardins RI USA Multifactor – Low CO2 ETF DRFU
Desjardins RI Developed ex-USA ex-Canada Multifactor – Low CO2 ETF DRFD
Desjardins RI Emerging Markets Multifactor – Low CO2 ETF DRFE
Desjardins RI Global Multifactor ETF – Fossil Fuel Reserves Free DRFG

Desjardins offers innovative Multifactor Controlled Volatility ETFs that give you access to the most exciting new strategy to hit the equity ETF market: Smart Beta 2.0. These ETFs select stocks in accordance with 6 recognized factors: value, high momentum, high profitability, investment, size and low volatility.

Equity ETFs Ticker
Desjardins Alt Long/Short Equity Market Neutral ETF DANC
Desjardins Canada Multifactor – Controlled Volatility ETF DFC
Desjardins USA Multifactor – Controlled Volatility ETF DFU
Desjardins Developed ex-USA ex-Canada Multifactor – Controlled Volatility ETF DFD
Desjardins Emerging Markets Multifactor – Controlled Volatility ETF DFE

Desjardins also offers you income ETFs meant to provide access to diversified income assets such as preferred shares, government bonds and carefully selected, high-quality corporate bonds.

Fixed income ETFs Ticker
Desjardins Canadian Universe Bond Index ETF DCU
Desjardins Canadian Short Term Bond Index ETF DCS
Desjardins 1-5 Year Laddered Canadian Corporate Bond Index ETF DCC
Desjardins 1-5 Year Laddered Canadian Government Bond Index ETF DCG
Desjardins Canadian Preferred Share Index ETF DCP

Visit http://www.desjardinsetf.com/Ce lien ouvrira dans un nouvel onglet.  to see unit prices, the fact sheet and the prospectus for each fund.

Desjardins Exchange Traded Funds are not guaranteed, their value fluctuates frequently and their past performance is not indicative of their future returns. Commissions, management fees and expenses may all be associated with an investment in exchange traded funds. Please read the prospectus before investing. Desjardins Global Asset Management Inc. is the manager and portfolio manager of the Desjardins Exchange Traded Funds. Desjardins Exchange-Traded Funds are offered by registered dealers.