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Activate your 10 streaming quotes in real time, today!

Platform fees are waived if you perform 10 or more trades per month footnote *.

Track your investments in real time

Do you use the Disnat Classic platform? You’ll now be able to follow 10 streaming quotes in real time without having to refresh your screen. Stay on track in the fast-paced world of the stock market with instant updates! This option also shows how the total value of your portfolio changes in real time, along with the markets!

Choose the 10 securities you’d like to keep an eye on and watch them respond to market changes. Platform fees for this new service are waived if you perform 10 or more trades per month footnote *.

Platform fees with the 10 streaming quotes option
Number of trades per month Without TSX Venture With TSX Venture
0 to 9 $30 (Plus tax) $55 (Plus tax)
10+ $0 footnote 1 $0 footnote 1
  1. *Refer to the rate schedule for information about service and platform fees.
  1. To take advantage of the 10 streaming quotes offer, you must first be signed up to receive online statements. The subscription for the online statement will automatically apply when you sign up for the 10 streaming quotes option. You’ll receive a statement of your portfolio in your inbox on disnat.com.

Important: If you want to temporarily suspend or permanently end your services, please notify us by email before the last business day of the current month to avoid being charged the fixed platform user fees the following month.