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Most exchange traded funds (ETFs) are designed to replicate the make-up and performance of a benchmark. They are valued by various types of investors because they can be used to construct or diversify a portfolio according to various investment objectives and levels of risk tolerance, or to gain exposure to specific sectors. Investors particularly like the low management fees and transparency of ETFs.

In the market, the growth in popularity of ETFs among investors is dramatic, especially among clients who are used to trading on brokerage platforms. Why? Because ETFs have generally shown that it is possible to merge performance with low costs. To meet the demand of its investor clients, Desjardins has created a brand new family of ETFs listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and available to all investors. These ETFs are part of an array of solutions that Desjardins has committed to develop to meet the needs of its members and clients.

Desjardins is positioned to offer an excellent value-for-money ratio and robust solutions drawn from the expertise of its manager, Desjardins Global Asset Management and its partners. Per the demand of its varied clientele, Desjardins' Multifactor-Controlled Volatility ETFs is the latest innovative offering in the equity ETF market: Smart Beta 2.0. These multifactor smart beta ETFs select securities according to six recognized valuation factors: value, momentum, profitability, investment, size and volatility. Desjardins also offers income ETFs, the objective of which is to make available diversified income assets such as preferred stocks, government bonds and companies carefully selected for their quality. In other words, Desjardins offers you trouble-free access at very competitive costs.

The Eight Desjardins Funds Currently On The market

Fixed income Symbol
Desjardins Canadian Universe Bond Index ETF DCU
Desjardins Canadian Short Term Bond Index ETF DCS
Desjardins 1-5 Year Laddered Canadian Corporate Bond Index ETF DCC
Desjardins 1-5 Year Laddered Canadian Government Bond Index ETF DCG
Desjardins Canadian Preferred Share Index ETF DCP
Stocks Symbol
Desjardins Canada Multifactor - Controlled Volatility ETF DFC
Desjardins USA Multifactor - Controlled Volatility ETF DFU
Desjardins Developed ex USA ex Canada Multifactor - Controlled Volatility ETF DFD

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