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* TD Canadian Utilities Index-Linked Autocallable Coupon Notes, Series 278

Additional Informations

Issuer: TD Bank
Securities Offered: TD Canadian Utilities Index-Linked Autocallable Coupon Notes, Series 278.
Issue Price: $100 per Note.
Minimum: 50 Notes ( $5000 ). by multiple of 10 notes after $1000).
Reference Index: The S&P/TSX Capped Utilities Index.
Issuance Date: On or about December 18, 2018 but not later than January 18, 2019.
Maturity Date: December 18, 2025.
Settlement date: Trade date plus 2 days. **All trade are firm orders**
RRSP & TFSA Eligibility: Yes
Term: Approximately 7.0 years.
AutoCall Level: 110% of the Opening Index Level.
AutoCall Feature: The Notes will be automatically called by the Bank if the Closing Index Level on a Valuation Date is greater than or equal to the Auto-Call Level. If the Notes are automatically called by the Bank, the Maturity Redemption Payment will be paid on the applicable Auto-Call Date, the Notes will be redeemed and Noteholders will not be entitled to receive any subsequent payments in respect of the Notes. The first Auto-Call Date is May 16, 2019.
Payment Rate: 4.40%, Assuming the Notes are not automatically called by the Bank and the applicable Index Return is equal to or greater than the Payment Threshold on each Valuation Date in a given year, the effective annual Payment Rate would be 8.80% in such year.
Barrier Level: 80% of the Opening Index Level.
Principal at Risk: The Securities are not principal protected.
Early Trading Charge: Early trading charge will apply if the Securities are sold prior to 181 days following the issue date.
Secondary Market: TDN1481
Commission received from the Issuer: Desjardins online brokerage will receive a commission of 2.50% of the capital invested.
Subscription close: Books can close without any further notice.
Offering Document: For more detailed information please refer to this document.