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»»Starlight Hybrid Global Real Assets Trust

Additional Informations

Offering: Class A Units
Offering Price: $10.00 per unit
Minimum Purchase: 100 units
Investment Objectives : The Fund has been designed to provide investors with a diversified, actively managed portfolio comprised of securities of Global Real Estate Issuers, which the Advisor expects to benefit from the rapid adoption of e-commerce products and services, as well as securities of Global E-Commerce Issuers that the Advisor expects to drive capital appreciation.
Investment Strategy : The Trust will provide exposure to primarily publicly traded global equity securities, and to a lesser extent, debentures and bonds but may also invest up to 40% of the Trust’s total assets in private investments.
Initial targeted distribution : 5.0%
RRSP & TFSA Eligibility: Yes
Listing: Application will be made to list the units on the Toronto Stock Exchange under symbol « SCHG.UN ».
Termination Date: The Trust does not have a fixed termination date.
Commission received from the Issuer: Desjardins online brokerage will receive a commission of $0.26 per unit.
Settlement Date: Expected late November 2018.
Issuer website: www.starlightinvest.com/
Information: For more information please refer to the prospectus at www.sedar.com.