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A simple yet powerful tool for evaluating the stock market and identifying investment opportunities
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Understanding the stockscores tool

The Stockscoring system allows users to determine whether a stock is worth considering and helps pinpoint potential trading opportunities. Stockscores has a myriad of analysis tools that include:

Market scan

This powerful filtering tool identifies stocks that meet the criteria of the Stockscores Approach strategies. Utilize one of the preset strategies or create your own.

Sector alerts

Receive email alerts based on a variety of pre-determined criteria you select.

Sector watch

See Stockscores indicators for industry groups and their component stocks. You can view the sectors in a table or check the charts using one of the Chart Viewers.

Gallery chart viewer

Save time by looking at multiple charts simultaneously. The Gallery Chart Viewer allows you to view multiple charts from a portfolio, watch list or sector watch all at once.

Slide show chart viewer

If you want to move through a more detailed view of a group of charts, the Slide Show Chart Viewer allows you to check each chart one at a time.

Portfolio creator

Track a list of securities by inputting the entry price, number of shares and commissions paid. You can then use one of the chart viewers to monitor the portfolio.

Watch list creator

Track a group of stocks using a variety of user inputs for price, number of shares and commissions paid. You can then view this group of charts in one of the chart viewers.

Quick reports

See charts and numerous indicators for a stock, plus the Stockscores indicators for that stock and its industry group.

Risk calculator

Apply Stockscores' risk management technique with this handy tool and quickly calculate position sizes based on price and stop loss limit levels you provide.

Foundation course

With the Stockscores Foundation Course, you will learn the essential skills for analyzing stocks, managing risk and executing trades using the Stockscores Approach. You will learn:

  • How to analyze any stock or market in seconds with your understanding of chart patterns
  • How to manage risk effectively so you can preserve your capital
  • What separates a disciplined investor from a gambler
  • How to develop your trading strategy
  • How to know when to exit your winners
  • How to know when it is time to exit a loser and protect your capital
  • The components of your trading plan
  • The basics of stock options

Plus much more:

There are over 12 individual lessons in the Stockscores Foundation Course. Each includes an instructional online video with documents, assigments and a skill test that you can print.

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